• The Outer Edge Polar Challenge is to attempt what has never been done before. To snow sail on the Polar Plateau; to attempt the world record for most distance covered in 24 hours, wind assisted; to raise as much money for the Leukaemia Foundation.
  • training
    • Cooking

      ? Safety for cooking inside a tent
      ? Carbon monoxide management
      ? Stove types
      ? Stove boards
      ? Fuel types, usage and management
      ? Stove and pump maintenance
      ?Using snow for water
      ?Pots, kettles and pans
      ? Heat exchangers and aluminum
      ? Managing steam
      ? Washing up
      ? Packing a tent bag

      Food And Eating

      ? Nutritional and calorific intake
      and breakdown by bodyweight
      ? Hydration
      ? Recovery supplements
      ? Electrolytes
      ? Effective food intake on
      the mission
      ? Freeze dried food – brands and varieties
      and nutritional value
      ? Weight loss
      ? Managing hunger and dealing
      with anorexia
      ? Weight gain and loss

      Health And Hygiene

      ? What to do with hair and beards
      ? Washing options
      ? Wash bag essentials
      ? Teeth and lip care
      ? Foot care ? dealing with blisters
      and pressure sores
      ? Finger splits and super glue
      ? Vitamins and supplements
      ? Polar coughing
      ? Sun protection
      ? Snow blindness
      ? Preventing and dealing with frostbite
      ? Emotional preparation and management
      ? Carbon monoxide poisoning
      ? Medical kit contents
      ? Pain management
      ? Accessing remote medical advice

    • Training

      To ensure the success of my expedition I have undertaken a comprehensive physical training regime as well as taking on board additional training in the areas of survival, wilderness first aid, mountain and crevasse rescue. At the same time I
      have liaised with numerous experienced third parties to ensure that the equipment I have decided to utilise will stand up to the rigors of the expedition.

      A rigorous sponsorship drive, targeting those companies that would best be in a position to provide me with my necessary equipment has ensured that the criteria set has been met. This process incorporated the following research:


      ? The correct use of layers and how
      to combine base layers, mid layers
      and outer layers to best effect in an
      extreme working environment.
      ? A close look at the different types
      of clothing and materials available.
      ? Hands and face management.
      ? Using your clothing, venting and
      temperature control.


      ? Boots
      ? Snowshoes
      ? Camp footwear
      ? Socks
      ? Vapor barrier footwear

      Training And Physical

      ? General fitness
      ? Mini snow sailer pulling
      ? Building endurance
      ? Weight gain
      ? Mental preparation

      Travelling In A
      Polar Environment

      ? Finding the right travel schedule
      ? Managing breaks
      ? Managing pace
      ? Keeping your head in the game
      ? Managing crevasse and Sastrugi
      ? Tackling large obstacles


      ? Planning your route
      ? Charts, latitude, longitude and the
      magnetic poles
      ? GPS use
      ? Compass use
      ? Natural navigation resources, sun,
      wind, surface features, clouds
      ? Navigating in zero visibility


      ? Overview of weather systems and
      forces in Antarctica
      ? Managing cold
      ? Managing wind
      ? Managing white outs
      ? Sun dogs and auroras
      ? Clouds and what they mean
      ? Temperature variations

      Environmental Issues

      ? A brief overview of the Antarctic
      Treaty and the rules that govern
      my behavior there. And a look at
      life is an
      Challenge adventure
      the equivalent lack of regulation
      ? A discussion on the jettisoning
      of equipment in the Arctic
      ? Keeping our environment pristine
      ? Human waste management
      ? Garbage management
      ? Fuel management

    • Tents

      ? Different styles, type, designs and
      brands of tents
      ? Desirable features ? what to look for.
      ? Preparing tents for polar use
      ? Field repairs


      ? Sleeping bags, brands, features, uses
      ? Mats, Thermarests – insulation from
      the ground
      ? Vapor barrier bags
      ? Hot water bottles
      ? Getting a good night’s sleep – the little
      extras that make one sleep well.
      ? Drying clothing and equipment as
      you sleep.


      ? Picking a safe camp spot
      ? Orientation of camp for weather,
      drifting and cooking.
      ? Erecting and protecting camp in extreme
      ? Making your tent into a practical
      working space
      ? Preparing toilets
      ? Daily allocation of time to complete
      ? Solar panels
      ? Efficient camping
      ? Camping etiquette

      Access And Permitting

      ? Access options for Antarctica
      ? Permitting of activity in Antarctica


      Power & Electronics

      ? GPS
      ? Satellite phones
      ? Solar charging
      ? Batteries
      ? IPhone, IPad
      ? Options for blogging and
      sending data
      ? Cameras
      ? Scheduled calls and communication
      with base.

      Emergency &
      Evacuation Planning

      ? Expedition risk assessment and
      creating an emergency plan
      ? Insurance
      ? Evacuation options and issues in
      the different polar environments
      ? International search and rescue
      ? Appointing a remote emergency

    • Charles Werb

      "My mind went into overdrive until the day that a specific opportunity presented itself to me. Why not attempt to snow sail......"
      Learn more about Charles
    • Ride For Leukaemia

      The Outer Edge Polar Challenge, Ride for Leukaemia aims to raise funds for the Leukaemia Foundation of Australia. We encourage you to donate 1c, 10c, 20c, 50c or even $1.00 for every kilometre I cover in Antarctica. Please donate generously to help us raise as much as we can especially during our world record attempt……..

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