• The Outer Edge Polar Challenge is to attempt what has never been done before. To snow sail on the Polar Plateau; to attempt the world record for most distance covered in 24 hours, wind assisted; to raise as much money for the Leukaemia Foundation.
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    I know this cannot be official or ratified yet but check the attached GPS reading from my InReach before it ran out of battery.

    Started the big ride at 10am in perfect conditions, wind 15 – 18 knots Easterly and rode for just on 2 hours was totally exhausted.

    This is like nothing ever seen before, hard in body, hard on machinery.

    OK so here goes, went for speed and recorded a speed of 34.7 mph which seeing as that no one has ever snow sailed before but have ice sailed could be unique, in fact is unique.

    5 hours later I am sitting checking the most amazing video I have and pictures of 4 days of riding and I am so proud of what we have achieved.

    I know I did not make it to plateau, I know I did not get to the SP however we did snow sail which is a first here we did build the first snow sailer, we have proven that it can be done and is viable.

    What could be next………….

    Let’s keep dreaming and inspiring others to go bigger, further, longer and let’s keep raising money to fight Leukaemia.

    • Charles Werb

      "My mind went into overdrive until the day that a specific opportunity presented itself to me. Why not attempt to snow sail......"
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    • Ride For Leukaemia

      The Outer Edge Polar Challenge, Ride for Leukaemia aims to raise funds for the Leukaemia Foundation of Australia. We encourage you to donate 1c, 10c, 20c, 50c or even $1.00 for every kilometre I cover in Antarctica. Please donate generously to help us raise as much as we can especially during our world record attempt……..

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