• The Outer Edge Polar Challenge is to attempt what has never been done before. To snow sail on the Polar Plateau; to attempt the world record for most distance covered in 24 hours, wind assisted; to raise as much money for the Leukaemia Foundation.
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    Whilst the dream to explore Antarctica only manifes ted itself 4 years ago I can remember at the age of 24 doing some drawings that showed a wind powered vehicle with Big Foot tyres for use on sand or desert exploration. For years I have played with wind powered ?toys?, be they kites or sails, and when the decision was made to go to Antarctica, I thought why not do something that has never been done before? I?ll attempt to sail on the Polar Plateau in a snow sailer. Now this snow sailer is something that you cannot just go and buy from your local adventure retailer. In fact my research took me
    down the path of ice sailers and videos on guys trying to use kite buggies with skis. Whilst the ice sailers tracked impressively, the buggies with skis could not hold a straight line, they kept on having a side slip. It was then that I had
    my first eureka moment?..Why not fit snowboards with ice blades attached below like a keel and see what happens. Now I am not the first to do this, but the method I used can be seen in the results I have produced to date.
    So now I realised I had the vehicle, what about the motivation? How am I going to do this? What do I need to put in place to make this happen? The mind went into overdrive and then an opportunity presented itself. I bought Outer Edge Magazine. Not because of what it had done in the market place but because of what I believed I could bring to this publication – the opportunity to live my dream and tobring into it the undertaking of a World First initiative. And the best part about this is that our readers, sponsors and advertisers are all coming along for the ride. Within 4 weeks of taking over Outer Edge Magazine my Dad passed away. Before he died, I had the opportunity of confiding in him what I wanted to do and the great thing is that he immediately understood not only what it was I wanted to do but my reasons for doing it. On my way back from
    Dad?s funeral, I made the decision to name the attempt the Outer Edge Polar Challenge Ride for Leukaemia and dedicate it to the memory of Henry Werb, Papa to all his grandchildren. This is my opportunity to involve others, to inspire them to dream, to encourage them to explore
    and involve themselves in science, technology and adventure and at the same time help others by raising as much money as I can for the Leukaemia Foundation. Now I had a design and a mission, but who is going to build this vehicle? Appreciating that no one has ever built let alone designed a snow sailer, I could not Google *Snow Sailer Manufacturers Brisbane* and expect to get a result. But I did find a fantastic team of fabricators and sponsors who have worked tirelessly to create something better than I ever could have imagined. The Polar Challenge was first introduced in June 2014 at the ORA trade show in Sydney and the Explore Australia show in Melbourne. Following that I did some testing at Falls Creek, which led to a number of design changes to ensure the sailer was at its peak for Antarctica in 2015/16. In April 2015 I completed another 7 day training session at one of the worlds most spectacular plateaus, The Haardangervida Plateau in Norway. This again brought to the forefront a number of critical changes that needed to be implemented into the design and thanks to Rob we have managed to achieve this.
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      "My mind went into overdrive until the day that a specific opportunity presented itself to me. Why not attempt to snow sail......"
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    • Ride For Leukaemia

      The Outer Edge Polar Challenge, Ride for Leukaemia aims to raise funds for the Leukaemia Foundation of Australia. We encourage you to donate 1c, 10c, 20c, 50c or even $1.00 for every kilometre I cover in Antarctica. Please donate generously to help us raise as much as we can especially during our world record attempt……..

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